Release: GRAVITY
Release date: 2018/01/31
CD number: KEJCDS-1 (limited edition) / KEJCDS-2 (regular edition)

CD Playlist:
02 – No PAIN No GAIN
03 – 喰row (regular edition only)

DVD Playlist:
01 – Gravity (MV) (limited edition only)

After KILLANETH disbanding in late 2016 vocalist 丐 (Kai) and drummer 39 were fairly quick with starting up a new project under the name TRNTY D:CODE, which debuted in April of 2017. For everyone outside of Japan there was a lot of mystery surrounding this project because of the live performances which had no coverage for foreign fans. The same goes for me. I don’t live in Japan and am not able to go to Japan just like that, so the first official sign of life I heard from TRNTY D:CODE was the announcement of the reboot and first single GRAVITY, to be released on January 31, 2018.
Along with this announcement was the information of two new members: SHiO (ex-LOVE LOCK as KAI) on guitar and MST (ex-THE DC as miki) on bass, as well as 39 changing his name to saku, and his position from drummer to manipulator.
The band is signed to KEIOS ENTERTAINMENT (which is the label started by the Swedish musician YOHIO, mostly known for his work with Seremedy and DISREIGN).

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