[Interview / Photography / Report] HITT @ Abunai! 2018: Tales of Kitsunia

HITT visited The Netherlands on August 26, 2018 for a quick stop at Abunai! 2018: Tales of Kitsunia which was held in Veldhoven.
The portfolio page has been updated with a new link, but you can also click the image below to go directly to the album containing the photos for this show.

2018 - HITT - ABUNAI

Despite the already very busy day there was some time left to sit down for an interview. You can read this interview on the website of AVO Magazine.
In English: https://avo-magazine.nl/en/2018/09/avo-interview-with-hitt-without-music-i-would-never-have-started-talking-or-writing-in-english/
In Dutch: https://avo-magazine.nl/2018/09/avo-interview-met-hitt-zonder-muziek-zou-ik-nooit-begonnen-zijn-met-het-praten-of-schrijven-in-het-engels/

And of course a report about HITT’s show itself, also available on AVO Magazine.
In English: https://avo-magazine.nl/en/2018/09/hitt-treats-fans-to-an-eccentric-show-at-abunai-2018/
In Dutch: https://avo-magazine.nl/2018/09/hitt-trakteert-fans-op-een-excentrieke-show-in-abunai-2018/
In case you missed the show or want to see it again, thanks to Miyako Studio and Francisca Hagen the entire show is available on Miyako Studio’s YouTube channel!

I’d like to thank AVO Magazine, Francisca Hagen, REALive and of course HITT himself for granting me this opportunity!