[Photography] AVO J-Music Festival

On September 15 AVO Magazine celebrated her 15th anniversary through AVO J-Music Festival at the Zuiderparktheater in Den Haag with the help of REMNANT and Esprit D’Air.

The show started with REMNANT taking the stage at dusk, creating a unique light for the gothic unit to perform their show in.

Once the sun had set Esprit D’Air took over with a very energetic rock show that won’t be forgotten easily.

The portfolio page has been updated with new links to both albums, but you can also click the images above to go directly to the Flickr page containing the new images.

[News] AVO J-Music Festival


AVO Magazine (formally known as AVO Blog) and AVO Events & Promotion have pretty much been the leader in promotion and information of Japanese music and artists from Japan in The Netherlands. Starting 15 years ago as a forum, AVO has extended it’s reach tremendously and have reached many milestones throughout those years. Time for a celebration, don’t you think?

Five years ago AVO celebrated it’s 10th anniversary with AVO J-Rock Festival in Tivoli de Helling in Utrecht, together with Gothika, ADAMS and VANIRU.

Photo album AVO J-Rock Festival (2013)

This year AVO celebrates it’s 15th anniversary through AVO J-Music Festival in the Zuiderparktheater in Den Haag. Aside from two amazing artists -REMNANT and Esprit D’Air- there will be a real festival feel in the open air of the Zuiderpark theater. Including Japanese food, Japanese drinks and possibly more!
The festival will take place on Saturday, September 15. Tickets are now available through the website of the Zuiderparktheater for only €10,-.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enjoy a little bit of Japan in the open air of Den Haag!

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