Arlequin Photography is graduating!

Dear everyone,

… I don’t know how to tell you this “the right way”, so I will just do it “my way” instead. Which means this message is going to be very, very informal.

Perhaps you’ve seen some changes already on any of the social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), like the names and addresses of them changing. This is because Arlequin Photography is GRADUATING!
We (yes, WE!, I will get to this in a moment) are graduating from “photography” and upgrading to “magazine”, causing the new name to change from Arlequin Photography to Arlequin Magazine!


A new website

Arlequin Photography will continue to exist, but as the photographer portfolio supporting the magazine page.
Soon all articles of this website will move fully to, and they might receive a little but of a makeover to fit the new style of the project.
You can already visit the new website, but keep in mind that it’s still a work in process and things might be added or removed at random! (So proceed at your own risk, basically… 😛 )
I will announce the official launch date (aka “when everything is ready officially”) on social media in the near future.


Wait, you said we…?

Yes. Yes I did. I did say WE. I started this project as a duo all the way back in 2009, and that duo lasted up to 2012. Ever since it has been just me, and for as far as you guys can see it will still be just me. I’m still in charge of the articles and photography, but I now have someone helping me behind the scenes officially: Alex.

The addition of language services
Thanks to Alex we can now offer more than just entertainment. We can also offer language services (translation, interpretation, proof reading, etc.) for Dutch, English, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese between the two of us.

And graphic design
Aside from that we will also start offering graphic- and web design. I think this is pretty self-explanatory, but feel more than free to message us through the website or social media if it’s not!


What’s happening now?

Like I said, Arlequin Photography is moving and changing to evolve into Arlequin Magazine on the new domain. All content available on Arlequin Photography has been moved to Arlequin Magazine earlier this week (a full copy including your comments and post stats, even though you can’t see those). I will disable all interaction except for the content form on Photography after this post goes live, and articles will gradually disappear from Photography until only the photos I’ve taken throughout the years will be on display here. (And this post, for now.)
So don’t be alarmed! We’re not leaving, we’re just moving into our new home on the web!

This does mean there will be no new content until the move is completed. Sorry about that! But there will be way more new, fun content in the future, I promise!

Feel more than free to interact with the Magazine website and it’s social media already, even if it’s not fully finished. I’ve always loved hearing and reading your feedback, thoughts and ideas, and that won’t change. I’d still love to hear from you!

See you soon!

~ Stephany (Arlequin) from Arlequin MAGAZINE 😉

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