G.L.A.M.S // “TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN” European Tour 2020


About the artist

Artist / Band: G.L.A.M.S
Members: Mikaru (vocals), Yudai (guitar), Tetsuto (bass), Syu (drums)
Website: https://g-l-a-m-s.com/


About the photos

Country: The Netherlands
City: Dordrecht
Venue: Special Edition (relocated from Popcentrale)
Date: March 13, 2020
Title: G.L.A.M.S // “TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN” Tour 2020
Camera model: Sony Alpha A67 & Canon EOS 200D

Additional notes: This performance was originally scheduled to take place in the Popcentrale, but due to the safety measures surrounding COVID-19 the show was moved to the anime & manga shop Special Edition instead. A smaller stage with less capacity for visitors. The setlist was also changed to an acoustic set instead of a regular set for this performance.
This set also contains a photo of Mikaru and Mikaru and Tetsuto in a different light and wearing different outfits. These are actually behind-the-scene photos from the soundcheck, making them special photos.





Aside from taking photos at this show, we also did an interview with G.L.A.M.S, in which we speak about their current live tour, their new mini-album “TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN” and their experiences in Europe.

You can find the interview on Arlequin Magazine, here:

G.L.A.M.S – Closing the language gap through “TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN”