Madmans Esprit // “Suicidol” European Tour 2019


About the artist

Artist / Band: Madmans Esprit (South Korean visual kei inspired band)
Members: Kyuho Lee (vocals), Juho Lee (guitar) (supported by South Korean and German support members during this tour)


About the photos

Country: The Netherlands
City: Dordrecht
Venue: Popcentrale
Date: April 21, 2019
Title: Madmans Esprit // “Suicidol” European Tour 2019
Camera model: Sony Alpha A37


Madmans Esprit // “Suicidol” European Tour 2019



Aside from taking photos at this show, we also did an interview with Kyuho, in which we speak about his ヴィジュアル系 (Visual Kei) influence, his connection with Europe and his latest release “SUICIDOL”.

You can find the interview on Arlequin Magazine, here:

Kyuho Lee – Inspired by Japan, executed in South Korean style as Madmans Esprit