Lovebites // EUROPEAN & UK TOUR 2018


About the artist

Artist / Band: Lovebites
Members: asami (vocals), miyako (guitar), midori (guitar), miho (bass), haruna (drums)


About the photos

Country: The Netherlands
City: Haarlem
Venue: Patronaat
Date: November 13, 2018
Title: Lovebites // EUROPEAN & UK TOUR 2018
Camera model: Sony Alpha A37


Lovebites // EUROPEAN & UK TOUR 2018



Aside from taking photos at this show, we’ve also done an interview with Lovebites, in which we speak about the female presence in the heavy metal genre, their new work “CLOCKWORK IMMORTALITY” and their plans for the future.
Please keep in mind that this interview has been done over a month before the live show, explaining the significant gap between publications.

You can find the interview on Arlequin Magazine, here:

miho – The power of women in the metal genre, as shown by Lovebites