BLOOD // European tour 2012


About the artist

Artist / Band: BLOOD
Members: Hayato (vocals), Kiwamu (guitar), Kazuha (guitar), Azami (bass), Dora (drums)
Website: N/A (artist no longer active)


About the photos

Country: The Netherlands
City: Amstelveen
Venue: P60
Date: April 12, 2012
Title: BLOOD // European tour 2012
Camera model: Sony Alpha A50

Additional notes: During this tour Azami was not present. Instead it was Kazuha who took the position of bassist.


BLOOD // European tour 2012



Aside from taking photos at this show, we’ve also done an interview with BLOOD, in which we talk about the return of BLOOD, and how this is combined with Kiwamu’s other projects Darkest Labyrinth and Starwave Records.

You can find the interview on Arlequin Magazine, here:

Kiwamu – “As a label owner I don’t see the music scene very well, that’s why I decided to bring back BLOOD.”