El -Ethnic Legist- // Europe tour


About the artist

Artist / Band: El -Ethnic Legist-
Members: Yuma (vocals), El (guitar), Higi (bass), Sin (drums)
Website: N/A (artist no longer active)


About the photos

Country: Belgium
City: Liege
Venue: Le Tipi
Date: September 19, 2010
Title: El -Ethnic Legist- // Europe Tour
Camera model: Sony Alpha A50


El -Ethnic Legist- // Europe Tour



Aside from taking photos at this show, we’ve also done an interview with El -Ethnic Legist-, in which we talk about their concept, their interest in Egypt and mummies, and their special dates with this and previous bands together.

You can find the interview on Arlequin Magazine, here:

El -Ethnic Legist- – Four mummies combining Egyptian music with heavy metal