[Review] breakin’ holiday – LILITH


DAKBHCDO-1Artist: breakin’ holiday
Release: LILITH
Release date: 2018/05/23 (CD) / 2018/03/18 (live)
CD number: DAKBHCDO-1

CD Playlist:
02 – YUMMY

breakin’ holiday exists of Juri (vocals, ex-DELUHI), Hiroaki Sakai (酒井洋明, guitar, ex-12012), Aggy (bass, ex-DELUHI) and KAJI (drums, ex-AND). The guys have previously tried to make a name for themselves under the name of ZERO MIND INFINITY with another guitarist named John, but they never got much further than a few songs and live shows. Now the guys are back under the name breakin’ holiday, and they have decided to make their previously live-limited single (available since March 18th) LILITH available for everyone as from May 23rd, 2018.
What can you expect from the single? Well, you can expect two songs that are certainly not from the pop genre…

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Release date: 2018/03/07
CD number: NCBL-22 (limited edition) / NCBL-23 (regular edition)

CD Playlist:
01 – Solstice
03 – Live to Die -Rearrange Ver.-
04 – 無義道 (Mu Yoshimitchi)

DVD Playlist (limited edition only):
02 – Calamity of Victims
04 – Malice against
05 – V.I.P

It has been a while since NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST released something new (after their iTunes release of Live to Die in August of 2017). In March of 2018 the five guys dropped a mini-album entitled WHITEOUT, containing four songs on the regular edition and a DVD with five live songs included with the limited edition.
Is this new release still the familiar NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST as we know it, or have (Hiro), Cazqui, Daichi, Masa and Natsu taken a completely different turn altogether?
Let’s find out!

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Release: GRAVITY
Release date: 2018/01/31
CD number: KEJCDS-1 (limited edition) / KEJCDS-2 (regular edition)

CD Playlist:
02 – No PAIN No GAIN
03 – 喰row (regular edition only)

DVD Playlist:
01 – Gravity (MV) (limited edition only)

After KILLANETH disbanding in late 2016 vocalist 丐 (Kai) and drummer 39 were fairly quick with starting up a new project under the name TRNTY D:CODE, which debuted in April of 2017. For everyone outside of Japan there was a lot of mystery surrounding this project because of the live performances which had no coverage for foreign fans. The same goes for me. I don’t live in Japan and am not able to go to Japan just like that, so the first official sign of life I heard from TRNTY D:CODE was the announcement of the reboot and first single GRAVITY, to be released on January 31, 2018.
Along with this announcement was the information of two new members: SHiO (ex-LOVE LOCK as KAI) on guitar and MST (ex-THE DC as miki) on bass, as well as 39 changing his name to saku, and his position from drummer to manipulator.
The band is signed to KEIOS ENTERTAINMENT (which is the label started by the Swedish musician YOHIO, mostly known for his work with Seremedy and DISREIGN).

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[Review] 浅葱 (ASAGI) – 斑 (Madara)


Artist: 浅葱 (ASAGI)
Release: 斑 (Madara)
Release date: 2018/01/31
CD number: YICQ-10401 (limited edition) / YICQ-10402 (regular edition)

review-YICQ-10402CD Playlist:
01 – 天地行き来る小船 (Tenchi iku kuru kofune)
02 –
月界の御子 (Tsuki-kai no miko)
03 –
畏き海へ帰りゃんせ (Kashikoki umi e kaerya n se)
04 –
花雲の乱 (Hanagumo no ran)
05 –
隠桜 (Komo sakura)
06 –
螢火 (Keika)
07 –
大豺嶽(おおやまいぬだけ)〜月夜(つくよ)に吠ゆ〜 (Dà chái yuè (O oyama inu dake)~tsukiyo (tsuku yo) ni hoe yu~)
08 –
冬椿 〜白妙の化人〜 (Fuyutsubaki ~shirotae no kenin~)
09 –
白面金毛九尾の狐火玉 (Hakumenkonmōkyūbinokitsune hidama)
10 –
鬼眼羅 (Guǐ yǎn luó)
11 –
雲の通ひ路 (Kumo no kayohiji)
12 –
妖刀玉兎 (Yōtō gyokuto)
13 –
物の怪草子 (Mononoke sōshi)
14 –
アサギマダラ (Asagimadara)

When most people hear the name ASAGI, they’ll immediately think of the vocalist of the visual kei band D, and that is no different in this case. Only now we’re not talking about a release by D, but by ASAGI himself as a solo artist.
Did you know that ASAGI already released a two-track single called “Corvinus” as a solo artist in 2006? After this single he stopped his solo activities and instead focused his attention on working as a desinger, perfumer and of course as the vocalist of D.
For this album he got help from other musicians from the visual kei genre, but also from the traditional genre, all of them playing various instruments (modern like guitar, bass and drums but also traditional shamisen, koto and taiko) while ASAGI himself wrote and composed all lyrics and music for the album. All members from D provide parts with their familiar instruments to various songs, but other artists include SUGIZO (Luna Sea), Shinya (Dir en grey), Leda (Far East Dizain), MiA (MEJIBRAY), yo-ka (DIAURA), Sakito (NIGHTMARE), Jui (GOTCHAROCKA) and JUN (GOTCHAROCKA) (and more!) from the visual genre, but other instruments, not limited to the traditional ones, are played by Ikuro Fujiwara, Sho Tomoda, Yasunori Sakurazawa, Fumiko Kai and Misako Arameki, among others.
There’s a whole list of artists who contributed to this album, which you can view on his own page here.

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[Review] DEVILOOF – Devil’s Proof


Release: Devil’s Proof
Release date: 2017/11/15
review-DAKDVLF-4CD number: DAKDVLF-4

CD Playlist:
01 – Devil’s Proof
03 – Natural Born Killer
04 – Return of the Curse
06 – LOVER
07 – InCipit -Instrumental-
09 – M.F.JAP
10 – 怠惰の罪 (Taida no Tsumi)

DEVILOOF is a relatively young artist on the scene and have gone through quite some events already, both positive and negative. Losing a guitarist (and gaining a new one), ranking #12 on the Oricon Indies Chart as the second artist ever in their genre and being selected at Metal Battle Japan as one of the six Asian artists to play at Wacken Open Air (a metal festival in Germany) in 2016.
The new logo (as from 2017) and artwork for this album have been made by Toshihiro Esgawa (who is mostly known for his illustrations for BABYMETAL, SiM and ARCH ENEMY) and Яyo Trackmaker (formally the drummer of girugämesh) has been welcomed as their Mix Engineer in the same year.
A long story short, DEVILOOF already has quite a history in such a short amount of time.
After the music videos for Ruin, ESCAPE and M.F.JAP as well as a mini-album “PURGE“, let’s take a look at their newest release “Devil’s Proof”.

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