2018/06/29 – [News] sleepyhead’s first full solo album will be available for streaming worldwide


sleepyhead is the solo project from the ex-vocalist of SuG, Takeru.
On June 20,2018 he released his first full album “DRIPPING”, which you can listen to all over the world through major streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.
On this day he also held a YouTube live, which was done completely in English to involve the international fans in his music more.

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2017/11/05 – [News] vistlip 10 years anniversary brings us 3 new releases and an anniversary tour!

In 2009 vistlip performed at the “Japan Expo 2009” in front of 8,000 people and generated an enormous response. From that moment on they have been very active in Japan, but due to the continuous enthusiasm of their fans overseas they have now decided to strengthen their overseas communication.
Right now there aren’t any plans for an overseas tour, but if they get offers they will definitely take the chance.

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2017/10/17 – [News] HIGHFeeL will release the final works of Shota Yokoyama

Several days ago HIGHFeeL announced the release of the final works of Shota Yokoyama, mostly known for his work in ADAMS, but also the founder of HIGHFeeL as a company.
The release is titled “Melting” and will be released on November 30, 2017. Exactly two years after his passing. Preorders for this release have started on October 15, 2017.

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2017/02/05 – [News] PLASTICZOOMS @ P60 Amstelveen

On Thursday, March 9, PLASTICZOOMS will have their show at the P60 Poppodium in Amstelveen.

Tickets are on sale through the website of P60 here, TicketMaster and all Primera shops.

There’s also a VIP upgrade available through the HIGHFeel website, but do note that a VIP upgrade is only available if you have a regular ticket already!

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2015/07/06 – [News] Starwave Records will release a new Misaruka WDP DVD!

Starwave Records will release a new Misaruka WDP limited DVD, titled [World Domination Project], which will be on sale at live venues from July 12 to July 14 2015 and through the online shop for a limited time only.

“Misaruka WDP is the new formation of the singer Rui and the lead guitarist Rin from Misaruka. Misaruka is a Visual Kei band form Japan, they started their activities in 2008. Since they joined the record company Starwave Records in 2011, their popularity never stopped to increase. After many CD/DVD releases, many videos and a bunch of difference concerts as one-man lives around all Japan, they are now well known from the Visual Kei audience for their dynamic performances and respected by all in the industry. Misaruka WPD, which contains the 2 most popular members from Misaruka, is ready to rule the world!”

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