2017/12/10 – [Interview] with SANA SAMA


Just before the start of his Eastern European tour that will last until March 2018 (dates weren’t fully announced yet during the time the questions for this interview were written) I managed to ask SANA SAMA several questions about this tour, his feelings about touring in general and some of his influences on why he decided to become a musician.

I’d like to give my special thanks to Christina from AnimePro for helping me out with this interview!

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2017/11/05 – vistlip 10 years anniversary brings us 3 new releases and an anniversary tour!

In 2009 vistlip performed at the “Japan Expo 2009” in front of 8,000 people and generated an enormous response. From that moment on they have been very active in Japan, but due to the continuous enthusiasm of their fans overseas they have now decided to strengthen their overseas communication.
Right now there aren’t any plans for an overseas tour, but if they get offers they will definitely take the chance.

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2017/10/17 – HIGHFeeL will release the final works of Shota Yokoyama

Several days ago HIGHFeeL announced the release of the final works of Shota Yokoyama, mostly known for his work in ADAMS, but also the founder of HIGHFeeL as a company.
The release is titled “Melting” and will be released on November 30, 2017. Exactly two years after his passing. Preorders for this release have started on October 15, 2017.

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2017/09/29 – [News] LOKA "GRIP" THE WORLD TOUR EUROPE 2017

After the announcement of the United Kingdom and Ireland tour with Crazy Town, LOKA has finally announced their European leg of the “GRIP” THE WORLD TOUR 2017 which will take place in November and December.

During this tour the band will visit Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Czech Republic for a total of 10 shows, starting on November 16 in Belgium.

The “GRIP” THE WORLD TOUR 2017 also has dates in the United States and Japan, so the European dates do complete the WORLD tour package.

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