[News] PLASTICZOOMS @ P60 Amstelveen

On Thursday, March 9, PLASTICZOOMS will have their show at the P60 Poppodium in Amstelveen.

Tickets are on sale through the website of P60 here, TicketMaster and all Primera shops.

There’s also a VIP upgrade available through the HIGHFeel website, but do note that a VIP upgrade is only available if you have a regular ticket already!


PLASTICZOOMS will kick off their tour in Hong Kong, and from there on visit Germany, Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Czech, Denmark and Hungary for a total of 21 shows and a special online event on March 11 through JAPAN FM.

During this tour they will promote their new self-titled album PLASTICZOOMS, which will be available for €25,- at every show as well as HIGHFeel’s online shop.

PLASTICZOOMS20170111CD Playlist:

01 – Frontal Attack
02 – The Future
03 – Quite Cleary
04 – Minds
05 – Highway
06 – U12
07 – Night & Hurt
08 – Smoke Motion
09 – Veiled Eyes
10 – Breitenbach

A new PV has also been revealed for the song Highway, which was directed by HIGHFeel’s parner in Japan Rie Kuboyama and features a collaboration with the brand MICHIKO LONDON and composer HIDEKI MATSUTAKE.

Links: PLASTICZOOMS Official website | HIGHFeel | P60

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