[News] Starwave Records will release LIV’ERT’s new single!

Starwave records will relesase the new single of new label artist LIV’ERT, titled [D.I.S], on July 30, 2014!

The tragedy of “a distance between people that cannot be filled” weaves a dark outlook in LIV’ERT’s fifth single. Each of the two brand new songs takes a different approach at its own unique expression. A free one-hour oneman live will be held at Ikebukuro CYBER on July 1 to commemorate the release!

Live schedule:
June 16, 2014: TSUTAYA O-WEST (Starwave Fest)
June 24, 2014: Ash OSAKA
June 25, 2014: Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT
July 1, 2014: Ikebukuro CYBER (oneman)
July 14, 2014: Birth Shinjuku
July 29, 2014: Ikebukuro CYBER
August 7, 2014: Imaike Club 3STAR
August 8, 2014: Shinsaibashi Club ALIVE!
August 10, 2014: Kokura WOW
August 11, 2014: Horoshima Namiki Junction
August 18, 2014: Sendai HooK
August 19, 2014: Nigata GOLDEN PIG BLACK
August 20, 2014: Kanazawa Van Van V4
August 24, 2014: Ikebukuro EDGE
September 2, 2014: Kashiwa ThumbUp
September 8, 2014: Takasaki club FLEEZ
September 14, 2014: Uruwa Narciss
September 18, 2014: Machida Play House
September 25, 2014: Ikebukuro EDGE
September 30, 2014: Shibuya REX

Release information:
July 1, 2014: Available for pre-sale at live venues.
July 30, 2014: On sale in stores.

Disc number: SWLV-1
Label: Starwave Records
Distribution: FWD Inc.
Price: 1,620 yen (tax in)
Limit: 1,000 copies
Extra: CD+DVD

CD Playlist:
01 D.I.S
02 – Fears

DVD playlist:
01 – D.I.S MV (MV SPOT on YouTube)


Links: LIV’ERT Official website: | LIV’ERT Official Facebook | Darkest Labyrinth online shop (in English)
If an advance order is placed together with an order for an existing item in stock, both items will be shipped out together when the item on the advance order is officially released. Therefore, it’s recommended to place advance orders from both Darkest Labyrinth and Starwave Records separately.

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