[News] Starwave Records will release Capella’s last album!

Starwave Records will release the last album of Capella, [P.S], on April 2, 2014!

“The last album is finally complete!”
Please listen to the members’ feelings hidden within the music of Capella’s last album, [P.S.]. Contains a total of 8 tracks, including re-recordings of past favorites such as [Kafka], [stars room iden.], and [Nene].

Live schedule:
March 22, 2014: Ikebukuro EDGE (oneman)
April 4, 2014: Ikebukuro CYBER
April 10, 2014: Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT
April 11, 2014: Shinsaibashi Club ALIVE!
April 17, 2014: Sendai PARK SQUARE
May 26, 2014: Kouenji Nimanboruto (oneman)
June 16, 2014: TSUTAYA O-WEST (Starwave Fest)
June 26, 2014: Ikebukuro EDGE (oneman)

Release information:
March 22, 2014: Available for pre-sale at live venues.
April 2, 2014: On sale in stores.

Disc number: SWCP-6
Label: Starwave Records
Distribution: FWD Inc.
Price: 2,800 yen (tax in)
Limit: 1,000 copies

CD Playlist:
01 – Lyring
02 – Kafka
03 – Sekaiheiwa
04 – Rainy Re:iny
05 – stars room iden.
06 – Gyakkou sentimental
07 – WonderLand
08 – Nene


Links: Capella Official website | Capella Official Facebook | Darkest Labyrinth online shop (in English)
Note: If an advance order is placed together with an order for an existing item in stock, both items will be shipped out together when the item on the advance order is officially released. Therefore, it’s recommended to place advance orders from both Darkest Labyrinth and Starwave Records separately.

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