[News] Starwave Records will release 2nd press of Misaruka’s 1st full album!

Starwave Records will release the second press version of Misaruka‘s first full album, titled [Episodes-Merrow-Complete], on April 2, 2014!

A tale of love and anguish featuring the immortal work of Hans Christian Andersen, “The Little Mermaid.” How do the truths concealed within the tale appear to your eyes? After the first full album sold out, two songs were added to the track list for the release of a second press totaling 12 tracks! Including re-recordings, all songs from the original album have been remixed and remastered for the new release!

Live schedule:
March 4, 2014: Ikebukuro CYBER (Release party)

Release information:
March 4, 2014: Available for pre-sale at live venues.
April 2, 2014: On sale in stores.

Disc number: SWMR-8
Label: Starwave Records
Distribution: FWD Inc.
Price: 3,240 yen (tax in)
Limit: 1,000 copies

CD Playlist:
01-  -Reamhra-
02 – -Karma-
03 – -Sin-
04 – -Forbidden-
05 – -Rosary-
06 – -False&Truth-
07 – -Prince-
08 – -Why only me-
09 – -Jester-
10- -Pathetique-
11 – -Ariel-
12 – -For you-


Links: Misaruka Official website | Misaruka Official Facebook | Darkest Labyrinth online shop (in English)
If an advance order is placed together with an order for an existing item in stock, both items will be shipped out together when the item on the advance order is officially released. Therefore, it’s recommended to place advance orders from both Darkest Labyrinth and Starwave Records separately.

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